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Do you look for innovative incentives to promote your business? Do you need something special for your next convention or sales presentation? Do you want your customers to keep in their minds your company’s logo and name?

If the answer is YES, BridalCookie is what you’re trying to find.

Logo cookie-Corporate cookie

Investments in new technologies from Japan enable us to digitally imprint cookies directly on the iced surface with YOUR LOGO using FD&C edible ink. Then, the icings will highlight some part of your logos to make it personalized and unique.

vespa logo

You may have our logo cookies in such events as:Starbuck logo

1. Launching new products, services, strategies, venues, staff, etc.

2. Welcoming guests to a conference or event

3. Press releases

4. Rewarding employee performance

5. Sales leave-behinds

6. Marking anniversaries, achievements, etc.

7. Brand revitalization premiums

8. Corporate and Thank-you gifts

9. Pillow or table favors

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